It's time to launch another film that I recently worked with. It's a cute little piece for MQ that I shot together with the great still photographer Tobias Lundkvist. Cheers!

Posted by Emil Klang on September 04, 2014

LAUNCHED: GANT Rugger - Pre-fall 2014

It's finally time to launch another film for GANT Rugger! It is a beautiful pre-fall collection inspired by oceans and waves, one of the best I've seen from GANT Rugger ever. I shot and directed this little piece on a cold saturday afternoon some time ago. It was a pretty tough shoot for the models, they didn't just have to walk around in thin shirts and shorts and stand in cold water for hours, but they also had to look calm and relaxed about it! Anyhow, fun to finally launch this film and don't forget to have a great look at the collection.

Director, DoP & Post: Emil Klang
Camera assistant: Majk Zanqrelle
Production company: Wavy

Posted by Emil Klang on August 29, 2014

LAUNCHED: The Athletes

Get yourself comfortable, it's time for the world wide premiere of FremantleMedia's new format: The Athletes! SVT is the first channel in the world that will broadcast this newborn format, and I'm happy to be a part of it all! The producers wanted to give the show an extra injection of production value so they hired my and my beloved Sony F55 for 25 days where my job was to:

* Be the DoP of the title sequence (produced and directed by my friends from Naive)
* Shoot all the slow motion footage in the arena (athletes running and jumping etc)

The creative ambitions were high and the result ended up pretty spectacular for being a television format. Every time you see slow motion footage (filmed in 240fps with the Sony RAW Recorder) from the arena, you know that mr PANGKLANG! was the dude behind it.

Posted by Emil Klang on August 22, 2014

New director’s monitor!

The summer vacation is over and to be honest, it feels pretty good to let go of sunny siestas and the shallowful charm of Chablis. I just want to go back to work and feel the energy that surrounds a film set!
There is really A LOT of cool things going on right now, and if everything goes as planned, this fall will turn out pretty interesting...

To start this fall in the best way I expanded the PANGKLANG!-kit and bought myself a little buddy that will be in great help for all the directors that I work with. It’s a wireless monitor with handles and a neck strap, which makes it easy for you to walk around with the monitor hanging from your neck. This is extremely useful since directors ALWAYS need their hands for everything else then carrying a monitor. The monitor is not just a monitor but a 7,7" DP7-PRO OLED from SMALL HD, an awesome piece of technic with a true black point and build in 3D-LUTs. Sunny? Don’t worry, it comes with a great sunhood for outdoor shooting.

With this setup a director or client can see what I see, in realtime (4fps delay) and without cables. Pretty convenient!

Posted by Emil Klang on August 04, 2014

Iceland shoot

For several reasons I had to take a pause with updating this blog and different shoots went by during the spring and presummer without me reporting about them. Jesus Christ! There's a lot of great stories and interesting experiences to share, so let me start with one of the most unconvential shoots that took place on Iceland a couple of months ago.

Me and Lena Jordebo took an early flight to Reykjavik about two months ago and I was excited like a child. This was my Icelandic debut, I had never before experienced the vulcanic lava fields or the erupting hot geysers. We went there in the name of Mai Zettering, the Swedish director that me and Lena is making a SVT-documentary about. Mai went to Iceland with her cinematographer Rune Ericsson (also the invertor of the format Super-16, for which he won an Oscar) to scout some locations and make some test filming. They came back home with beautiful footage and a lot of great ideas but for some reason this film never went into production.

Lena had this idea of traveling to Iceland and trying to visualize some of Mai's ideas, even the most surreal ones. This was LOTS of fun, we just played around in the most beautiful of landscapes with my Sony F55 attached to a gyro gimbal (SC:Newton) and a smoke machine. It might have been the most surreal shoot ever, but it was absolutely one of the most creative and exciting ever. The result? I can't say to much about it yet but let's say it is..different. And in my world, different is good.

Posted by Emil Klang on June 25, 2014

LAUNCHED: NK - Haute Kosmetik Film #1

As a kid you had this surrealistic dream of being in a room made out of candy. Ginger bread walls, a rustic kitchen table with the taste of liquorice and a fluffy white bed made out of marshmallows.
Later on, as a teenager, you had this (not necessarily dirty!) vision of yourself at a party surrounded by the attention of the most beautiful girls in the world. (Sporty Spice, Kate Moss and Ebba Hultqvist).

Some years later you got quite sick of sugar. And girls, well they always left you and in the morning in a doubtful haze of CK One. Once again your point of interests makes some turns and the everyday addiction for a 30 years old random film maker like me turns out to be something else: Inspiring, talented and creative people! I can't get enough of them!

In this case I found myself at Delight Studio with a team that literally could turn a horse shit into a diamond. Every single person in that room was a true unique creator, I can't really remember being surrounded by that number of really cool people. The client Nordiska Kompaniet and the agency Garbergs (super skilled Johan Wilde & Evelina Nevréus) had this idea of creating four really inspiring beauty looks for a new campaign called Haute Kosmetik. To their help they had the most stunning makeup artist Ignacio Alonso and the amazing hair stylists Linda Shalabi and Erika Svedjevik.

The still photographer for the campaign was Benjamin Vnuk, a great and crazy-talented guy that I briefly knew through friends. I was asked to shoot some films around this and there was this fun idea of attaching Go Pro-cameras to the models, in order to follow the progress of making the looks. But to leave my Sony F55 back home was not an option, I wanted to mix the footage of the Go Pro's with the F55's to get some more dynamic and narrative to it.
This is how the laces look turned out! To see the other films you simply have to wait a couple of days.

I also want to thank lovely Helena Modin and Eugénia Hildestrand at Miine for this opportunity.

Director, DoP & Post: Emil Klang
Make up: Ignacio Alonso
Hair stylists: Linda Shalabi, Erika Svedjevik
Still Photography: Benjamin Vnuk
Agency: Garbergs
Production company: Miine

Posted by Emil Klang on April 30, 2014

Apparently in Ardeche

Currently in the south of France, shooting the documentary about Mai Zetterling that I’ve been working on for a while. Me and the director Lena Jordebo took a flight down to Marseille and after a couple of hours driving in the most beautiful of landscapes, we arrived to the great stone house that Mai Zetterling lived in during the eighties. It’s located high up in the mountains and the view is just spectacular, from one of the big terraces we are see Mount Blanc.
I’m back in Stockholm by the weekend. Salut!

Posted by Emil Klang on April 17, 2014

NICO - SPHINX OF ICE at Dramaten

OMG it's obviously just three days left to the premiere of the theatre play Nico - Sphinx of Ice at Dramaten, the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. I'm the artist behind all the video projections in the play, which are...plenty. I've been working my ass off with this for the past four months and it's a quite surreal feeling that it's just about time for premiere. I really recommend everyone that doesn't fear flickering lights and drug references to see this play, or as Dramaten calls it, this music and art performance in the name of Nico.

There are stills some tickets left, buy them!

If you want to get even more inspired, see the trailer that I directed for the play a couple of months ago here!

Posted by Emil Klang on March 17, 2014

LAUNCHED: GANT - Ocean Academy

It finally time to present a new film that I shot for GANT. It was directed by Andreas Öhman known for feature films as I rymden finns i känslor, Bitchkram and Remake. We shot it far out in the Stockholm archipelargo during two sunny and funny days with the greatest crew from the production company Naive.

Read more about the shoot here!
The film was shot on Arri Alexa and with a vintage Cooke 18-100mm lens.

Director: Andreas Öhman
DoP: Emil Klang
Camera assistant: Michael Wirtberg
Producer: Sara-Lotta Grahn
Still Photographer: Sanna Dahlén
Editing: Robin Jonsson
VFX/Comp: David Nalci
Grading: Linus Kullman
V/O: Alexander Jeffery
Music: Upright
Production company: Naive

Posted by Emil Klang on March 06, 2014

The woods

A couple of days ago I brought my camera and a bunch of smoke granades to the forest. I had to do some filming for the theatre play Nico - Sphinx of Ice, that will have premiere in two weeks at the Royal Dramatic Theatre here in Stockholm. Shooting film is usually a teamwork, it ain't rare to find 20 people next to you on set, so there's nothing as beautiful of being just by yourself, in the calmest of forests, with your camera and an ambition to make something beautiful. Ok, it's true, it's always a hassle. The camera is heavy, you'll get biten by mosquitoes and the smoke granades kills your lounges, but anyway.
The hours I spent in the forest the other day was really beautiful. I got some footage and it will be in the play, for sure.

Posted by Emil Klang on March 02, 2014

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