Apparently in Ardeche

Currently in the south of France, shooting the documentary about Mai Zetterling that I’ve been working on for a while. Me and the director Lena Jordebo took a flight down to Marseille and after a couple of hours driving in the most beautiful of landscapes, we arrived to the great stone house that Mai Zetterling lived in during the eighties. It’s located high up in the mountains and the view is just spectacular, from one of the big terraces we are see Mount Blanc.
I’m back in Stockholm by the weekend. Salut!

Posted by Emil Klang on April 17, 2014

NICO - SPHINX OF ICE at Dramaten

OMG it's obviously just three days left to the premiere of the theatre play Nico - Sphinx of Ice at Dramaten, the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. I'm the artist behind all the video projections in the play, which are...plenty. I've been working my ass off with this for the past four months and it's a quite surreal feeling that it's just about time for premiere. I really recommend everyone that doesn't fear flickering lights and drug references to see this play, or as Dramaten calls it, this music and art performance in the name of Nico.

There are stills some tickets left, buy them!

If you want to get even more inspired, see the trailer that I directed for the play a couple of months ago here!

Posted by Emil Klang on March 17, 2014

LAUNCHED: GANT - Ocean Academy

It finally time to present a new film that I shot for GANT. It was directed by Andreas Öhman known for feature films as I rymden finns i känslor, Bitchkram and Remake. We shot it far out in the Stockholm archipelargo during two sunny and funny days with the greatest crew from the production company Naive.

Read more about the shoot here!
The film was shot on Arri Alexa and with a vintage Cooke 18-100mm lens.

Director: Andreas Öhman
DoP: Emil Klang
Camera assistant: Michael Wirtberg
Producer: Sara-Lotta Grahn
Still Photographer: Sanna Dahlén
Editing: Robin Jonsson
VFX/Comp: David Nalci
Grading: Linus Kullman
V/O: Alexander Jeffery
Music: Upright
Production company: Naive

Posted by Emil Klang on March 06, 2014

The woods

A couple of days ago I brought my camera and a bunch of smoke granades to the forest. I had to do some filming for the theatre play Nico - Sphinx of Ice, that will have premiere in two weeks at the Royal Dramatic Theatre here in Stockholm. Shooting film is usually a teamwork, it ain't rare to find 20 people next to you on set, so there's nothing as beautiful of being just by yourself, in the calmest of forests, with your camera and an ambition to make something beautiful. Ok, it's true, it's always a hassle. The camera is heavy, you'll get biten by mosquitoes and the smoke granades kills your lounges, but anyway.
The hours I spent in the forest the other day was really beautiful. I got some footage and it will be in the play, for sure.

Posted by Emil Klang on March 02, 2014

Let’s Dance!

Yesterday I found myself in a studio at Filmhuset shooting some beautiful footage for the TV show Let's Dance. I was asked by some old colleagues to help them out with this, and it was simply lots of fun! It was great to meet all the participants and dancers of this years season, and to see them move their hips in front of the camera, but the best part was to hang out with old colleagues that you haven't worked with for years.

Everything was shot on my Sony F55 with the Canon CN-E 30-105mm glass.

Posted by Emil Klang on February 25, 2014

Let me talk about Daniel Wirtberg

Today it's time to salute my friend and colleague Daniel Wirtberg for winning the prize for best music video at the Swedish Grammis Award 2014! His three videos for Jenny Wilson's brilliant album Demand the Impossible! are absolutely outstanding in every way. I am just impressed and amazed. When it comes to aesthectical visions, Daniel has a unique way of creating an atmosphere in hos films that is rarely to be seen elsewhere. These music videos for Jenny Wilson are filmed with an old S-VHS camera, a decision with one thousand cons. It sounds crazy in these days of digital perfectionism and possibilities to create looks in post, but his strong idea about this S-VHS camera forced the video towards this look they now have. And honestly, flexibility in post is key when you don't know what you do on set, but if you're certain about a look from start, then it's better to try to create that in camera than afterwords.

Another film of Daniel Wirtberg and Jenny Wilson that everyone have to see is Beyond that Wasteland. Probably the most beautiful short film I've seen in the past years. Jenny had just started her treatment for breast cancer when they decided to go to Iceland to shoot a film about just that. Cancer. And the struggle to take control of the disease. I might mistake me, but I think he shot that film on Super-16.

There is also Michael Wirtberg. He's been my camera assistant at several shoots, but he is also Daniel's brother and was deeply involved in these films. He is the best film crew member a production can have and he shares a beautiful personality. His only drawback is his pretty lousy moral when it comes to chess.

Once again, cheers for one of the most interesting directors we have here in Sweden - Daniel Wirtberg! And cheers for one of the most interesting artist there is - Jenny Wilson!!

Posted by Emil Klang on February 20, 2014

LAUNCHED: Marlene - Stay Awake!

Even though I just shot the studio parts in this video I want to share it with my fellow camrades that visits my site. As my previous blog post mentioned, Marlene has just released her new song Stay Awake, and I was invited to help out with the studio shots for the video. Oskar Sikow Engström, that I worked with on the Kate Boy-videos, directed the video (and he also shot the location parts of the video), and even though it was mainly improvised and made without a budget, I think it came out pretty neatly. And I really love the song!

Posted by Emil Klang on February 14, 2014

Marlene Video shoot!

This Monday I hooked up with some friends to make a music video for Marlene's next release. It's a great song and I'm sure it will be a great hit! Oskar Engström, that I shot the Kate Boy-videos together with, was directing this little piece as well, and I really like to have him as a creative partner, and to visualize his amazing ideas. Marlene was a true star in front of the camera, and that makes things pretty easy for me, she nailed shots that you normally have do retake for 10 times. With us on set was the multitalented Stefan Storm (The Sound of Arrows), just to support and give us a help. Stefan is an old and great friend of mine, and once I shot a video for his previous band as well, see it - here! If you don't know Marlene and her music, have a look at her previous hit single Bon Voyage!

Posted by Emil Klang on January 23, 2014

Sony F55 new firmware!

I bought my camera, the Sony F55, ten months ago and it's one of the best thing I've done in my professional life. It blew some clients mind away with it's 14 stops of dynamic range and it's global shutter, and it totally changed my workflow here at the PANGKLANG!-studio. These days a camera is designed as a computer with a solid metal housing, and every once in a while a new firmware for the computer is presented. The new firmware 3.0 completely upgrades the camera to another level, and for me this was the best christmas gift I could get!

* Up to 240 fps in RAW 2K
* Up to 60 fps in RAW 4K or XAVC
* Center Scan mode for Super 16mm lenses
* 4 channel ES/EBU audio input

And then a handful of really great upgrades for me as a DoP, such as False color, monitor LUTs and hot keys.
Maybe it's just imaginary but when I put my face really close to the side of the camera, I can feel a fresh scent of vanilla.

Posted by Emil Klang on January 06, 2014

LAUNCHED: Dramaten Trailer - Nico - Sphinx of Ice

PANGKLANG! takes his first steps into the world of theatre!
I have been asked to participate in the making of a play at Dramaten, the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden. The play is called Nico - Sphinx of Ice and is a monolog inspired by Nico (the singer) and her complicated life. Fanny Risberg will play Nico and on stage she will be surrounded by video projections, as a part of the set design, and my job is to create something as artistic as possible for the projections. It's a really big honour for me and I've been starving for an artistic project on the side.

The director is the multitalented Nadja Weiss, the set design is made by amazing Mikael Varhelyi and the sound/music is being created by very cool composer and artist Philippe Boix-Vives. And then it's little me, Mr Klang. I'm obviously surrounded by very cool people in this project, and my ambitions is to make everything five times better over my capacity.

Some weeks ago I shot a trailer and a press photo for the play. It was a weird but good feeling to have a shoot inside of Dramaten's stone walls, but it sure gave me a lot of inspiration. I hope you'll like it!

The play will have its premiere in March 2014, but you can already get your self a ticket here!

Posted by Emil Klang on December 02, 2013

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