Director of Photography

LAUNCHED: Bowmore Whisky

New film up!

Director: Emanuel Danneman
DoP: Emil Klang
Gaffer: Jerker Berglin
Drone operator: Lasse Palm LP Airdesign
1st Assistant Camera: Anton Holm
Hair & Make-up: Hilda Wistrand
Colorist: Martin Steinberg
Music: Hugo Therkelson
Production manager: Henrik Bel Gaied

Produced by No bad days in 2016

Posted by Emil Klang on November 18, 2016


I'm happy to announce that I am now a proud member of the FSF, Föreningen Sveriges Filmfotografer!

Posted by Emil Klang on September 09, 2016

First feature!

Ok, time to release the great news - this summer I will shoot my first live action feature film! The past months I've been so busy filming in New York, LA, Boston, Budapest etc so I haven't really had the time to announce this tickling little treat. The film is called Rum 213 and is directed by Emelie Lindblom and produced by Dansk Skalle. The film is something as unusual as a horror film for kids (!), a creepy story about a ginger ghost at a summer camp. We are shooting in Skåne for six weeks and I've been here for a week now prepping and scouting and tomorrow it's time to press the delicate red circular button.
The film will be shot on Arri Mini and mainly with Leica Summicron-C-lenses.
More updates to come!

Posted by Emil Klang on June 25, 2016

LAUNCHED: Amanda Winberg - Shutdown!

I was called up by talented Mr Chifflét and asked "ey amigo, wanna shoot a music video? pronto pronto!"
Once again the genuis team with director Mauri R Chifflét and producer Martin Sandin put their minds together. They gave me a brief about the artist, the song and the idea and we booked one of the largest studios in Stockholm and managed to get some really cool people in the crew.
The shooting was a hectic piece of adventure, I almost shot everything from a steadicam with heavy lenses and while shooting a scene I simultaneously had to brief my gaffer about the next. I can't really understand how we managed to get as many different settings and looks in just one day, but that's the wonderful fruit of a hard work - you'll get great diversity of looks to edit. The video was edited by Mr Chifflét himself and then graded by Sebastian Guest's skillful hands (and eyes) at Terassen.

Director: Mauri R Chifflét
Director of Photography: Emil Klang @ Magnolia Agency
1 st Assistant Camera: Anton Holm
Gaffer: Sebastian Shield
Best Boy Electrician: Anton Sjöberg
DIT: Niklas Larsson
Set Designer: Mido Lindholm
Production Assistant: Alex Eneroth
Stylist: Maggie Chinchilla
Stylist Assistant: Emelie Eriksson
Stylist Assistant: Johanna Spadaro
Makeup: Elvira Brandt
Makeup Assistant: Julia Finucane
Choreographer: Anna Ståhl
Choreographers Assistant: Hannah Ohlsson
Dancers: Paula Santa Eufemia, Kamilla Halid, Isabella Londos
Editor: Mauri R Chifflét
Grade: Sebastian Guest @ Terassen
Producer: Martin Sandin
Executive Producer: Henrik Lagercrantz

Production company: Social Club / Art & Poetic Reality
Video Commissioner: Nils Wester Litens (Universal Music/Creative Labs)

Camera: Sony F55 with RAW-recorder
Lenses: Canon CN-E 15,5-47mm, Canon CN-E 30-105mm, Arri Master Prime 32 mm.
Studio: Stockholm studios

Posted by Emil Klang on March 24, 2016

Ingmar Bergman documentary

In case anyone wonders what young mr Klang is up to this year I can finally release the news - I'm shooting a documentary about Ingmar Bergman. It will be directed by Jane Magnusson and produced by B-Reel. For all fellow Swedes, read about the project here.

Posted by Emil Klang on February 08, 2016


It's finally time to launch the video for YAYA's debut single Bad Girls! It's a quite unconventional vision that YAYA pitched for me, but I loved the idea to cut down the song into parts, and to give every part it's own look and expression. It is very much a case study in light and since that happens to be one of my favourite interests I enjoyed shooting this a lot. I got some very good help from gaffer Wille Kyrk and camera assistant Anton Holm. YAYA and the director Philip Ljungström was certain about their idea in every step of the process and I love to work with people with such strong integrity. To really stand for an idea is key when you want to create something different. I'm always in the situation where people say
"Let's shoot some b-roll here, or some extra shots of this, I don't know if we gonna use it, but it's always good with some extra footage..."
and sometimes that's a good and needed mentality (especially for a documentary), but I also love to work with directors that know for certain what will be used and not, even before we take a first step on the set!
I hope you all like this as much as I do. It was shot on Sony F55 with Canon CN-E Zoom lenses with the use of a steadicam and a lot of nice lights.

Bad Girls is YAYA´s debut single.
Written, produced and recorded by YAYA.

Director: YAYA / Philip Ljungström
DoP: Emil Klang
Colorist: Emil Klang
Camera assistant: Anton Holm
Gaffer: Wille Kyrk
Assistant: Amanda Henriksson
Choreography: YAYA
Stylist: Selam Fezzahaye
Make up: Michaela Jobark

Posted by Emil Klang on February 05, 2016

Göteborg Filmfestival

Yeeha! I came to Gothenburg yesterday to pay a visit to the film festival, and I love every part of being here! (except for the traditionally pouring rain) My beloved soul mate Jonas Holmberg did a great job at the opening ceremony and he's such a great looking dude in tuxedo. The opening film Yarden by Måns Månsson was interesting and beautiful (Ita Zbroniec-Zajt is a genius), but didn't really reach my expectations. The following party was a great success, beautifully arranged and with a great amount of friends and colleagues to share wine and thoughts with. This morning I had to get up early in order to see Dawn, a latvian film about a kolkhoz village in the Soviet Unition. By far the most inspiring film I've seen for a long time. Now it's time for a q&a with Bruno Delbonnel, the great cinematographer behind Amélie from Montmarte, but also Alexandr Sokurov's Faust and his new Francofonia, which I can't wait to see. I LOVE Sokurov and the cinematography in Faust in absolutely mind-blowing. Tonight there's a dinner with him, arranged by FSF, and guess what - I'm invited! Let's see if Bruno speak russian...

Posted by Emil Klang on January 30, 2016

Sicily fashion shoot

Last week I paid a visit to Sicily, Italy for a couple of days shooting together with Dry Creative Projects. The very hyped clock brand Daniel Wellington had a desire to make something extra so me and still photographer Oscar Falk really tried to nail that. Even though the weather didn't really gave us that perfect off-season sunshine we manage to shoot lots of very beautiful scenes. I can't spoil anything yet, but the films will be launched in March, I'll will be back with an update by then.

Posted by Emil Klang on January 26, 2016

LAUNCHED: Gina Tricot - Close Up

Here we go again, another film for Gina Tricot! Voila!

Director: Henrik Nielsen
DoP: Emil Klang
Art Buyer: Linda Jansson
Agency: DDB

Posted by Emil Klang on October 21, 2015

LAUNCHED: Mavrick - Remedy

I got a call this summer from the amazing director and friend of mine Mauri Chifflét - "Hola amigo, how about stop chillin', I got a cool thing here in front of me". It was a music video for a new artist called Mavrick, and this was supposed to be his debut release. I got the song mailed to me and BAM!!
My old vice for drum'n'bass got me again and I was absolutely struck by the song. Me and Mauri decided to flex our muscles in this and really make something cool.
With a slim budget and everyone's working pro bono it's difficult to organize a music video shoot and nothing would have worked out at all without the stunning producer Alice Ängeby. With her way of steering a ship nothing ever happens that unnecessary takes time, she is simply the first person trying to solve whatever comes up, and that with a gentle smile. On two sunny days we quickly moved around between locations and worked our way forward in order to get as much variated shots as possible.

I'm also happy that I got to use my new steadicam for this film. I really like the flexibility and quickness of shooting from a steadicam, even though some of the limitations are hard to work around. I will never become a real steadicam operator for sure, but for these kind of shoots it's a really good benefit to know the basics of shooting from it. I'm so happy that everyone involved in this did such a great job, thanks to you all!

Director: Mauri Chifflét
DoP: Emil Klang
Producer: Alice Ängeby
Set designer: Oscar Gelinder
Gaffer: Wille Kyrk
Camera assistant: Anton Holm
Costume: Franciska Svensson
Hair: Elvira Brandt
PA: Elin Hägg
Grade: Emil Klang
VFX: Nicolas Chifflét

The film was shot on a Sony F55-camera with Canon CN-E PL-mounted optics.

Posted by Emil Klang on October 15, 2015


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