Keep Austin Weird

In the darkest time of the year I managed to get some extraordinary jobs in sunny foreign countries. I’m right now located in Austin, Texas and tomorrow I'm leaving for L.A. It’s a shoot for literature show Babel at SVT (that I just LOVE to work with) and I’m traveling with Lena Jordebo, the director of the documentary about Mai Zetterling that I'm currently working on.
Before I got to the states I had a quick shoot in Warsaw. My past weeks has absolutely been in the name of collecting Star Alliance-points but I love to travel and Austin is such a cool place. We’re staying at hipster hotel no 1, Hotel San José at South Congress and yesterday I caught my self taking snap shots of the minimalistic interior design. America is as always, inspiring, unpredictable and quite shallow, but you gotta love it anyway!
This journey will be the last one in business purpose in 2014. After this week I'll exchange the present airport diet with ginger bread and Swedish looser cats.

Posted by Emil Klang on December 12, 2014

Cambodia shoot!

Jungle fever! I just got back from a spectacular trip to Southeast Asia for a shoot together with the amazing dudes at Lillasyster! Me, the great producer Måns Lorentzen and Sweden's most handsome director Mauri Chifflét (he also happens to be a super cool creative) boarded a 777-300 and flew to Phnom Phen, Cambodia for a three days shoot for the new intro/title sequence to Expedition: Robinson.

We struggled through misty rainforest, bumpy speedboat rides and were consequently attacked by fist-sized, vicious grasshoppers. But we also spend hours shooting on the most beautiful beaches, and even though you're soaking in sweet, feeling jetlagged and your stomach suffers from the abstract ingredients of a fried rice-lunch, you have to admit that there's nothing as wonderful as shooting in sunny Cambodia when Stockholm is psychologically devastated by a complete darkness.

Everything was filmed with the Sony F55-camera with the AXS RAW-recorder besides some UW-footage filmed with the GoPro Hero 4.

Posted by Emil Klang on November 24, 2014

LAUNCHED: Pojken med guldbyxorna

Breaking news! The Swedish feature film Pojken med guldbyxorna, directed by Ella Lemhagen, is up and running on cinemas now but I haven't got the time to blog about my participation in it. It was me and the groundbreaking creative dudes at Naive that shot the prologue for the film with some help of some patience divers. I LOVE to work with Naive, a production house that pushes the limits in every film the produce. They have an extraordinary sense of style and aesthetics and I never have to worry about edit or grade, I know that what I shoot will be in the hands of professionals.

Directors: Oskar Gullstrand & Robin Jonsson
DoP: Emil Klang
Gaffer: Anders Hedqvist
Editing: Robin Jonsson
Compositing: David Nalci
Projektkoordinator: Cornelia Möller
Producer: Sara Stjernström

Produced by Naive in 2014

Posted by Emil Klang on October 03, 2014

LAUNCHED: Viaplay kids

Another film for Viaplay!

The films was shot on Sony F55 with Canon CN-E Cine zooms

Directors: Patrik Dunard & Baris Berktan
DoP: Emil Klang
Producer: Andreas Bergius
Producer Morgenland: Marja Conradsson
Production company: Morgenland

Produced in summer 2014

Posted by Emil Klang on September 29, 2014


In the end of my summer vacation I was asked by my genious buddie Johan Hedenskog at Morgenland, to shoot a couple of TVC's for Viaplay Nordic. It was a week full of scouting, planning and finally shooting and it felt like a great way to start up after a period of relaxation.

The films was shot on Sony F55 with Canon CN-E Cine zooms

Directors: Patrik Dunard & Baris Berktan
DoP: Emil Klang
Producer: Andreas Bergius
Producer Morgenland: Marja Conradsson
Production company: Morgenland

Produced in summer 2014

Posted by Emil Klang on September 22, 2014


It's time to launch another film that I recently worked with. It's a cute little piece for MQ that I shot together with the great still photographer Tobias Lundkvist. Cheers!

Posted by Emil Klang on September 04, 2014

LAUNCHED: GANT Rugger - Pre-fall 2014

It's finally time to launch another film for GANT Rugger! It is a beautiful pre-fall collection inspired by oceans and waves, one of the best I've seen from GANT Rugger ever. I shot and directed this little piece on a cold saturday afternoon some time ago. It was a pretty tough shoot for the models, they didn't just have to walk around in thin shirts and shorts and stand in cold water for hours, but they also had to look calm and relaxed about it! Anyhow, fun to finally launch this film and don't forget to have a great look at the collection.

Director, DoP & Post: Emil Klang
Camera assistant: Majk Zanqrelle
Production company: Wavy

Posted by Emil Klang on August 29, 2014

LAUNCHED: The Athletes

Get yourself comfortable, it's time for the world wide premiere of FremantleMedia's new format: The Athletes! SVT is the first channel in the world that will broadcast this newborn format, and I'm happy to be a part of it all! The producers wanted to give the show an extra injection of production value so they hired my and my beloved Sony F55 for 25 days where my job was to:

* Be the DoP of the title sequence (produced and directed by my friends from Naive)
* Shoot all the slow motion footage in the arena (athletes running and jumping etc)

The creative ambitions were high and the result ended up pretty spectacular for being a television format. Every time you see slow motion footage (filmed in 240fps with the Sony RAW Recorder) from the arena, you know that mr PANGKLANG! was the dude behind it.

Posted by Emil Klang on August 22, 2014

New director’s monitor!

The summer vacation is over and to be honest, it feels pretty good to let go of sunny siestas and the shallowful charm of Chablis. I just want to go back to work and feel the energy that surrounds a film set!
There is really A LOT of cool things going on right now, and if everything goes as planned, this fall will turn out pretty interesting...

To start this fall in the best way I expanded the PANGKLANG!-kit and bought myself a little buddy that will be in great help for all the directors that I work with. It’s a wireless monitor with handles and a neck strap, which makes it easy for you to walk around with the monitor hanging from your neck. This is extremely useful since directors ALWAYS need their hands for everything else then carrying a monitor. The monitor is not just a monitor but a 7,7" DP7-PRO OLED from SMALL HD, an awesome piece of technic with a true black point and build in 3D-LUTs. Sunny? Don’t worry, it comes with a great sunhood for outdoor shooting.

With this setup a director or client can see what I see, in realtime (4fps delay) and without cables. Pretty convenient!

Posted by Emil Klang on August 04, 2014

Iceland shoot

For several reasons I had to take a pause with updating this blog and different shoots went by during the spring and presummer without me reporting about them. Jesus Christ! There's a lot of great stories and interesting experiences to share, so let me start with one of the most unconvential shoots that took place on Iceland a couple of months ago.

Me and Lena Jordebo took an early flight to Reykjavik about two months ago and I was excited like a child. This was my Icelandic debut, I had never before experienced the vulcanic lava fields or the erupting hot geysers. We went there in the name of Mai Zettering, the Swedish director that me and Lena is making a SVT-documentary about. Mai went to Iceland with her cinematographer Rune Ericsson (also the invertor of the format Super-16, for which he won an Oscar) to scout some locations and make some test filming. They came back home with beautiful footage and a lot of great ideas but for some reason this film never went into production.

Lena had this idea of traveling to Iceland and trying to visualize some of Mai's ideas, even the most surreal ones. This was LOTS of fun, we just played around in the most beautiful of landscapes with my Sony F55 attached to a gyro gimbal (SC:Newton) and a smoke machine. It might have been the most surreal shoot ever, but it was absolutely one of the most creative and exciting ever. The result? I can't say to much about it yet but let's say it is..different. And in my world, different is good.

Posted by Emil Klang on June 25, 2014

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